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Our Methodology

A strategic blend of cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, tailored to elevate your marketing efforts to new heights

Cross Platform

LLM model manage budget across multiple platforms Seasonality based budget pacing Optimise budget across a custom metric AI model based on historical learning

Same budget, more conversions

Convert more users with the same budget

Convert visitors into shoppers

Target the visitors who need the extra push to purchase

Targeting Unlocked

Leverage AI to precisely identify and expand your audience. Advanced algorithms and machine learning ensure accurate targeting, and interactions for effective marketing efforts.

Refine Strategies

Optimize existing keywords and targeting parameters.

Broaden Reach

Discover new keywords and unlock hidden audience

Creative Excellence

Generate cohort specific creatives using generative AI models and performance analysis for dynamic copy generation and optimization

Recommendations & optimization

Receive creative recommendations and optimizations of campaign goals.

AI-Led Content Creation

AI-driven creative studio to produce cutting-edge content that stands out.

Analytics Engine

Streamline your data with Maino’s analytics engine. Gain actionable insights and a comprehensive understanding of your marketing data for real-time actions and maximum ROI.

Performance Metrics & Effectiveness

Analyze key performance metrics and evaluate the effectiveness

Customer Behavior & Strategies

Analyse customer behavior patterns and preferences for better marketing strategy.

Maino’s AI Optimization Engine

Engage customers at the right touch points with automatic & effective budget allocation.

Automatically determine optimal budget distribution across channels and dynamically adjust bidding strategies using real-time predictions for peak performance optimization.

Our Integrations

Our integrations encompass Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Facebook Business Manager, Firebase, Appsflyer, Singular, and numerous others, providing a wide array of options.

At maino, we believe in speed, accuracy, transparency and innovation. This enable us to achieve the below in a very short span of time

100 Mn+ Spends Managed
Presence in 14+ country including Asia, USA and UAE
100 Mn+ Spends Managed
Presence in 14+ country including Asia, USA and UAE

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